Prevention at Sea is a Lloyd’s Register ISO 9001 certified Maritime Technology & Risk Prevention firm, built on a safety culture and risk prevention foundations. It was born to serve the Shipping Industry by preventing the negatives and promoting the positives. Our Clients benefit from our Marine Risk Services whilst our Software applications ensure effective monitoring, compliance with regulations & paperless functionalities. It focuses on the most efficient and effective implementation of the Maritime & International Legislation & Standards.
The company’s founding aim is to provide the industry with the right tools for safe and effective ‘sailing’ in the complex Shipping World of today.
We believe that the ‘key’ to moving forward in this complex industry, allowing the business environment to thrive is by implementing the concept of ‘Prevention’, thus safeguarding life, property and the environment. 
By developing Maritime Software applications and embracing best management practices, risk prevention mechanisms and modern training techniques, our Team has gained a reputation of precision, excellence and hard work.

Our Company’s services:

  • Marine Risk Assessment for Quality Assurance Purposes
  • Maritime Software Development 
  • Maritime Training Activities
  • Maritime Consultancy

“Making prevention a habit!”